Dear Friend,

I know your time is precious and I don’t want to waste it so I’m going to just cut right to the chase and let you know exactly how I can help improve your search engine marketing plan. Here’s the truth… if you want better organic search engine rankings and more “no cost” visitors to your website, then you need to focus on generating more incoming links to your website.

Here’s The Reason Why…

  • The more incoming links you can obtain…
  • The better the quality of those links…
  • The better structured those links are…
  • The more diverse those links are (coming from multiple sources)…
  • The longer those links are in place (the more they mature)…
  • …the faster your search engine rankings will improve.

If you’re interested in finding out more then I’m going to show you exactly how you can add thousands of powerful incoming links to the websites of your choice and structure them correctly for maximum impact. It’s actually pretty easy once you know how.

These links will DRIVE your website to the top of the search engines and ensure stable, long term, free traffic from the search engines for years to come. I’ll cut out the confusion and give you a clear focused path to measurable results. You’ll understand why as you continue reading…

Look, there is absolutely nothing like having a steady stream of incoming traffic from top organic search engine results, day in, day out, 24/7. No cost traffic that continues to arrive even if your advertising budget dries up – traffic that you don’t have to continually sink into Google Adwords to ensure it shows up (or anywhere else for that matter) unless you decide that’s what you want to do.

If you’re not currently in that position then I’m going to help you get there.

If you are in that position then I’m going to help you refine and improve upon it.

But first, with all the total bullshit about search engine optimization floating around in online marketing circles, I totally understand if you’re sitting there thinking you’ve heard all of this before, so why should you believe what this guy has to say?

So Who Is Duncan Carver?

Well actually, I’m no one special. I’m just a regular guy.

However, it does just happen that I’ve been marketing online as a full time occupation since 1999. Since then my core specialty is organic search engine optimization and I specifically focus on link building to achieve real results.

I’ve also become known as the “go to guy” for incoming links in my circle of online business associates and mates. You’ll find out why in a minute…

I’ve had clients ranging from major United States Universities (investing as much as US$12,000 per month exclusively on their link building campaigns) right down to the solo business guy working from his basement in Cork, Ireland, who just needed a foot up the search engine ladder.

In the past I’ve purposely built websites that achieved a Google Page Rank Value 8 by investing US$10,000+ per month in text link advertising alone. I can tell you now that it was a massive ego trip, and an even bigger waste of money, and I’ll tell you all about that story very soon…

Here’s How I Know What I Know & Why You Should Listen To What I Have To Say…

To put it simply…

Everything I’ve learned has come from 10+ years of real world testing. Along with many other techniques, some you’re probably familar with, others you’re probably not, this includes running several link advertising networks. These networks contain tens of thousands of unique, independant websites, and quite literaly millions of individual pages that I can place links on at the click of a button…

You see, very early on I realized that in order to dominate the organic search engine results I was going to need the ability to generate incoming links to our websites. I would need to do that in large volumes, from a diverse range of independent websites, and with as much ease as possible.

So in 2004 I developed and released a free “text link ad supported” application that was in use by over 10,000 independent webmasters after just six months. It was a niche directory script that allowed webmasters to automate the management of their link partners. As a trade off, those people that decided not to purchase a license to use this application were required to carry the text links I wished to display on the pages of their niche directories.

To cut a long story short…

Using this application, each of those webmasters added an average of 115 new pages to their websites. This gave me the ability to place 4 unique text links, linking to the locations of my choice, using the anchor text of my choice, on each of those pages, at the click of a button. If you crunch the numbers that works out to be around 4.6 MILLION incoming links.

I could literally place the websites I wanted to generate links to inside the advertising distribution system, decide how many links I wanted to point to them and where, click an update button, and hey presto Joe, there we go.

The next day those links would be live, working to drive those websites up the organic search engine rankings, and forcing them to aggressively dominate top 10 rankings for many highly competitive keyword terms.

Recently we built a second advertising network.

This newer network contains several thousand independent bloggers.

It gives me the ability to add over 1.7 MILLION contextual text links, placed within content on those blogs using whatever keyword terms I like, again at the click of a button. In fact, every week we gain around 27,000 new locations where we can potentially place text links on from on this second network.

Not only do I have the above linking ability available on tap & at the click of a button for real world testing – but rest assured, I’ve explored and evaluated just about every other link building technique that’s out there.

It’s what I do. It’s my profession. It’s my passion. And that’s because it works.

Everything from pure “white hat” link building techniques, to very shady “black hat” underground stuff that my old grandma might not be too proud of. All stuff that has a DRAMATIC IMPACT on search engine rankings.

Now don’t get me wrong, I say none of this to brag or toot my own horn. That’s definitely NOT the Kiwi way (I’m from New Zealand if you’re wondering – and no, I’m not a hobbit).

I only mention this to highlight the fact that when it comes to link building for search engine optimization I do actually know a thing or two.

As you might imagine, having linking ability like that on tap, I’ve tested almost everything under the sun when it comes to building incoming links to a website and how that impacts our search engine rankings. To put it simply I know what works and what doesn’t through intensive testing of many different link building techniques.

I DID NOT learn what I know by word of mouth or from people talking smack in discussion forums. Places where the vast majority of people have fallen under the influence of Google’s propaganda machine. People who spread (unknowingly or otherwise) second hand misinformation about link building and search engine optimization.

Stuff like that is just really horrible to see.

Here’s Joe, telling Jane not to do this or that, because he’s heard it’s bad and potentially damaging. And yet here I am, having done exactly what they’re referring to just days before.

In fact, I’ve been doing that same thing for tons of different websites, every week, for years, and nothing but tremendous search engine ranking results are achieved.

I guess it’s not too surprising – not many people are in a position to test such things as accurately as I am, so most have to rely on what they’ve heard from Joe’s uncle’s sister’s next door neighbor. I’m sure some of the stuff you’ve heard has probably confused the crap out of you too.

Well, clear your mind because I’m going to remove all of the clutter and help you to refocus towards real measureable search engine ranking results…

SIDENOTE: If the idea of being in control of thousands of incoming links sounds pretty cool to you, I’ll show you how can add as many as 86,900+ incoming links to any website you like over the next 12 months largely on autopilot. And this number will increase year after year.

This is the closest link building technique to my own primary business model and one that ANYONE – including YOU – could easily replicate without having to get into the software development business. And this is just one of the many link building techniques that I’m going to teach YOU – although don’t get me wrong – it’s not a magic button and does require “work” to get the ball rolling.

…anyway, although I get frustrated when I see misinformation being spread, the thing that REALLY got to me the most was the day I realized how many of my 47,000 web marketing students were falling under the same propaganda spell.

After asking these students to send me in their link building questions and concerns, it was plain as day that many people just had it totally wrong.

So I decided to lock myself away, knuckle down for a couple of months, and distill the total knowledge of my past 10 years experience as a professional link builder into a complete 204 page guide to building incoming links.

An in-depth reference guide that anyone could use to add literally thousands of search engine boosting incoming links to the websites of their choice, whenever they desired.

It’s kind of corny, I know, but I’ve gone and called it…

The Ultimate Link Building Dossier…

If you already know me and like the straight shooting advice that I’ve taught you over the past 10 years then please feel free to go ahead, click here and order now.

If you don’t know me and you want more information first, no problem (and nice to meet you ;-0). Before I explain exactly what’s contained within the dossier and what I’m going to teach you, I do want you to know that I’m not going to insult your intelligence.

Even if it’s what you really wanted to hear, I’m NOT going to tell you that you can generate 10,000 unique visitors per day at no cost from the search engines – by the end of this week – if you follow the link building tactics I’m about to reveal to you.

Truth is I’m a realist.

I mean, heck, I’ve been in this game for more than 10 years now and not every website we create is a flying success right out the gate. So rather than mesmerizing you with outrageous results & claims that are far the norm (results that might even be out of reach for many advanced online marketers) I want you to take a quick look at the two worst performing niche websites we currently have in our portfolio.

I call these our “beer fridge” websites because they do a really nice job of keeping the beer fridge stocked up – and I like beer ;-0

And when we launch any new website, and implement the link building techniques that I’ll show YOU how to easily introduce into your own search engine marketing plan, this is generally the worst we can expect to happen.

(After setting up our initial link building campaigns and focusing on them for a few months we haven’t done any active link building on these sites for almost 2 years now, and yet, notice how stable that free traffic is every single day…)

This first site is in the “chicken keeping” niche. All it’s traffic arrives from free organic search engine rankings (there is no paid advertising) and the only thing we’ve done is use the exact same proven link building advice I’m going to give you to achieve similar (or more than likely much better) search engine rankings & traffic.

It averages 384 visitors per day (or 140k visitors per year)…



…(comparatively if we were to use Google Adwords for the same traffic volumes and keyword terms) that works out to be around $78 PER DAY in advertising that we’re receiving day in, day out, at NO COST – or around $28,000 per year in FREE ADVERTISING.

And as mentioned, this is one of the worst performing sites we have and what I would consider to be below average results because we haven’t done any further focused link building on it for years!

Here’s worst performing website #2.

If you’d believe it, this site is in the “worm farming” niche. Yes, you did read that correctly – worm farming.

Again all it’s traffic arrives from free organic search engine rankings and the only thing we’ve done is use the exact same proven link building advice I’m going to give you to achieve similar (or more likely much better) search engine rankings & traffic volumes.

This site averages 363 visitors per day (or 132k visitors per year)…



…again that works out to be around $21,000 per year in FREE ADVERTISING. I don’t know what’s funnier, the niche of this website or the amount of visitors she receives every day. Do notice how stable that traffic is. Sure there are a few peaks and troughs but those are the exceptions.

If you setup a solid link building campaign to support your website like I’ll show YOU how to do, then you too can also see extremely stable traffic like this coming to your website every single day.

We spend a total of 15 minutes per week on the above two websites doing customer service stuff and we’re able to do that simply because we setup a focused, well structured link building campaign. Those links helped position these websites as leaders in their respective niches within the search engines.

It’s nice to have the choice to pay for additional advertising and traffic if we want to!

Cool. So Now That You Know I’m A Total Realist…

(No Pictures Of Ferraris Here) – Here’s Exactly What’s Contained Within The Dossier and What I’m Going To Teach You Today…

Yes, there’s a lot of information here, but it’s not going to overwhelm you. It’s all laid out in a very straight forward and easy to understand manner that you’ll be able to follow and retain no problem.

Not to mention that you by no means have to employ all of these link building techniques in your search engine marketing plan. You’ll be able to pick and choose depending on what best suits your needs, goals and marketing budget…

  • Why submitting your website to web directories is more powerful than 95% of online marketers give them credit for BUT ONLY if you use this strategic SEO approach to do it correctly. We lay down a solid foundation for all your future link building efforts.
  • Where to get free semi-automated software that will submit your website to 350 web directories, and if you want to go on and invest just $76, how to unlock a further 1,900 web directories that will gladly link back to your website at no cost.
  • If you can’t be bothered doing it yourself, I’ll give you access to the team that I personally outsource directory submissions to, as the first link building task we roll out for every new website we create. These guys will hand submit any website you like to around 2,000 website directories in about 7 days for just $350 and they follow the specific techniques I’ve trained them in to the letter.
  • Why you might be better off ignoring a directory submission to Yahoo! and investing that $299 annual fee into one of the more effective link building techniques discussed throughout the book.
  • You’ll read about how (in addition to the SEO benefits), a link left on a single blog comment has pulled in over 1,200 free visitors to one of our niche websites every year for the past 2 years and shows no sign of slowing down.
  • If you follow this blog commenting advice, within the next 12 months you’ll have at least 1,300 high quality blog comments out there helping to drive more targeted traffic to your website, and dramatically boosting your search engine rankings in the process. Best of all it only takes 10 minutes per day.
  • How to find the most powerful blogs to comment on to generate incoming links AND how to setup an efficient process to achieve this in just a few minutes per day.
  • How to leave a valuable blog comment and 3 different methods of leaving links back to your website that isn’t going to upset any blog owner.
  • Where to get one of the better blog commenting tools available on the market and the best way to use it. You’ll be able to harvest thousands of high quality “blog commenting targets” for just $67 and no, this has nothing to do with becoming a blog comment spammer or “auto commenting” on mass.
  • How to use “Q&A” marketing to generate powerful incoming links and specifically where you need to focus for maximum exposure & impact. If you spend just a few minutes per week following this advice you can generate extremely valuable incoming links to really strengthen your organic search engine rankings.
  • Why I have a love hate relationship with discussion forums but if you participate then you might as well follow this key link building advice and take advantage of an easy source of incoming links.
  • Even if you’re a bit anti-forums like me then here’s a little ‘out of the box’ thinking that could help you add 6,000-12,000+ new incoming links to your website in the next few weeks by spending just a little bit of time helping a few people in need.
  • A secret underground link building company that will hook you up with 30,000 new incoming links from discussion forums every single month on total autopilot. And they’ll do this for just $97 per month. Use these links to prop up your micro blogs, feeder websites, or any other content (videos, articles etc) that you’ve distributed out to third party websites to develop your link net.
  • Where to distribute your RSS feeds to create a search engine spider frenzy on your website. This will drag the search engine spiders deep within your website just minutes after publishing any new content.
  • How to maximize the impact & syndication of your content via this advanced RSS trick – including sites and software to help you automate the technique.
  • Why press releases can be a very powerful means of generating hundreds (or thousands) or incoming links to your website within a matter of days & what to do if you don’t think you’ve got anything newsworthy to say.
  • Where to submit your press releases using paid premium sources for maximum distribution and SEO impact. One of the recommended services will send your release out to Google, Yahoo! News, Bing, and 30,000+ additional websites & blogs.
  • If you’re not ready to go ‘press release pro’ just yet, and simply want to try press release submission on the cheap, here’s 13 different websites that will publish your press releases at no cost.
  • Here’s how to automatically generate 30-40 new incoming “deep links” to every single blog post you make using the major social bookmarking websites AND why you’re totally wasting your time social bookmarking for SEO if you’re NOT automating this.
  • Where to go to get access to a powerful underground link building tool that will enable you to generate links from thousands of social bookmarking websites that actually want to link back to your website and content. For a one time investment of just $397 you’ll be able to add several thousand incoming links to your website anytime you like, literally at the click of a button.
  • How to automatically generate an incoming link from AND for every new blog post you make using these two free tools that you can setup and install in around about 10 minutes. This is true “set it and forget it” link building on two of the most powerful social networking websites out there.
  • How to put your social media link building into interstellar overdrive. I’ll take you underground and show you where you can get a tool that will enable you to generate as many as 10,000 incoming links to any website you like, any time you like, virtually at the click of a button. Use this tool in the “white hat, ethical” way explained in this chapter to strengthen your primary website & any micro blogs or feeder websites you’ve created.
  • 6 months ago I was having a discussion with the owner of one of the most popular “trackback” link generation services out there. He gave “trackbacks” as an effective link building method two more years at the most. Here’s why you shouldn’t worry too much about generating incoming links via “trackbacks” UNLESS you use this nifty little tool to create more high quality content pages and add more entry points to your website.
  • How we gain incoming links via article marketing – one of the best sources of incoming links to improve search engine rankings – how to structure these links correctly, and where to link them to for maximum SEO impact.
  • The goal you’ll need to set if you want to generate 1.3 million views of the articles you distribute in your article marketing campaigns every single year – not to mention the 10’s of thousands of new incoming links you’ll pick up at the same time.
  • The key differences between the “high quality low volume” and the “lower quality higher volume” approaches to article marketing and why you should focus on both if you want to really dominate the search engines.
  • Where to find people to ghost write high quality content on your behalf for $50-$100 and how to make sure you get the biggest and fastest return on investment from that new content so you can reinvest and repeat this process over and over.
  • 4 little search commands you can tap into Google to help you find hundreds of different, highly targeted websites that will publish that content for you tomorrow and give you extremely powerful incoming links in the process.
  • Where to get “ styled” articles & content written by writers specifically trained in advanced search engine optimization techniques for as little as $8 a pop.
  • Where to distribute those articles to for maximum SEO impact and how to turn every single one of those articles into 200+ additional incoming links to your website at the click of a button using this excellent piece of software.
  • Why video marketing is one of the few ways that we can literally double our organic search engine traffic potential without breaking any of the rules and how we generate incoming links by distributing videos to strategic websites. This is why you just can’t ignore video distribution as a primary web marketing technique any longer.
  • How to turn ANY written content you have into a video within minutes and how to turn every video into 30+ additional high quality links.
  • How and where to setup “micro blogs” and “feeder websites” to increase the “theme relevancy” and ranking ability of your primary website and how to structure the internal linking for maximum effect.
  • Here’s how you can add hundreds of incoming links to your micro blogs, mini nets, and links wheels with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • How to take advantage of “Authority Site Profiles” to generate hundreds of incoming links to your website. How to link correctly and how to automate this process so you’re not wasting time that would be better spent on more productive tasks within your business.
  • How to setup a “Pay Per Post” blog review campaign to generate extremely powerful incoming links, large volumes of direct traffic and make a fast ROI so you can scale up and repeat this process over and over again.
  • The two most popular “Pay Per Post” networks, how they differ and the best approach to use on each one to eliminate disappointment and wasted expenditure.
  • If you think people AREN’T buying their way to the top of the search engines with paid text link advertising then you’re dead wrong. It’s happening every single day. It’s been happening for years. Here’s exactly how you can explore text link advertising safely without having to worry about suffering any sort of search engine penalty.
  • I’ll share the story of how one $40 per month paid text link helped drive a niche website to the top of the search engines for our most competitive keyword term. I’ll show you how we found the website we’re advertising on. How we contacted the website owner. How we secured the deal. How that link sends us more highly targeted visitors every single month for a vastly lower cost than we could ever get using Google Adwords (meaning it pays for itself month in month out).
  • You’ll learn exactly which paid link advertising sources are going to give you the most positive search engine ranking improvements and it has nothing to do with Google Page rank, or finding link deals in the advertising marketplaces or discussion forums.
  • I’ll explain exactly why you’re going to waste a lot of money if you focus your text link buying efforts exclusively on the Page Rank values of the pages you’re advertising on. And yes, as mentioned earlier here you’ll read about the PR8 website we built using nothing but text link advertising at a cost of US$10,000 per month. In fact we built multiple sites like this.
  • You’ll learn the two key metrics you should focus on when it comes to any paid link advertising deal you explore. These are the most important metrics full stop. They will ensure you see the most positive search engine ranking improvement and help you make a decent ROI from your advertising costs.
  • I’ll explain why you need to be extremely cautious of anyone offering “permanent” or “lifetime” link deals or advertising arrangements. You know the ones – where you only have to pay once and that link supposedly remains on the website for the rest of its lifetime. You’ve got to be extremely careful when it comes to such offers as they’re not as good as they might first appear to be.
  • If you’ve never looked into Private Blog Networks before then you’re really missing out on a great source of hands free automated link building. Seriously, this is true “plug and plug”, “set it and forget it” link building. I’ll teach you what you need to look out for, the best way to use these for maximum impact, and point you in the direction of the only two I actually trust and know to produce results.
  • If you’re interested in setting up an easy long term link building system – a system that after the initial project planning will generate as many as 86,900+ incoming links to your website every single year – largely hands free, then you’re really going to like what I share with you here.

And of course there is a lot more. The above are just a few key notes contained within the “Link Building Techniques” section of The Ultimate Link Building Dossier…

In addition to the link building techniques (and exactly how to implement them), you’re also going to learn the specific theories behind what we do.

This will help you to prioritize your focus, ensure you’re not wasting any investment or time in techniques that just aren’t going to perform, and help you to realize fast, measureable, ever improving search engine results…

For example you’ll learn the #1 hands down most important concept in building incoming links to improve search engine rankings. Most people think this relates to Google Page Rank but they’re dead wrong.

Once this clicks & resonates with you, you’re going to be 100 times further ahead than any competitors you have out there, trying to out link and out rank you. If you focus on this key concept and approach you can literally dominate search engine rankings for even extremely competitive keyword terms if that’s your goal.

You see…

I Really Hate The Micromanagement Style Of SEO With A Friggen Passion…

Most people tend to really over complicate things when it comes to search engine optimization. And that’s not surprising. It’s been said there are around 200 individual ranking factors that Google (and that’s just Google) takes into consideration when determining where they rank any given website.

Things like having the right “Meta Tags”, using “Heading Tags” in your content, giving images “Alternative Text”, getting the ideal “Keyword Densities” inside your pages right and so on and so forth.

The TRUTH is, that whilst all of those things are good standard SEO practice IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER. You can have the WORST website in the world and still achieve EXCELLENT search engine rankings through the power of a well focused, good structured, and correctly implemented link building campaign.

Whilst there might very well be 200 different ranking factors – one of those is related to the incoming links pointing to your website – and that one factor alone will produce 95% of the positive ranking improvements you will see.

That’s just the way it is.

So rather than worrying too much about the 199 other factors that are only going to produce 5% of the results (and potentially overwhelming yourself to the point of being non-productive), we like to stay laser focused on the single factor that will produce 95% of the results.

It just makes sense right? Sure it does!

So if you’re like me and you don’t want to have to spend hours upon hours tweaking every single page on your website until the cows come home – to see bugger all improvement in your search engine rankings for the effort – then “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

If you follow and implement at least some of the advice contained within “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” then it’s not unrealistic to have at least an additional 30,000 incoming links pointing to your website – working to drive it up the organic search engine rankings – over the next couple of months.

In fact, most people could easily double or treble that with a bit of focus.

What’s more understand that just about every link building technique we use will get your links in front of “eyeballs”.

That means as you’re link building campaigns expand, you’re going to see an ever increasing amount of direct traffic arriving to your website from those links, as well as the high quality traffic that top organic search engine rankings provide.

It’s win win!

Here’s how to secure your copy right now and start getting the search engine results that you really want to see…

One Time $147 Investment & Immediate Download…

The Ultimate Link Building Dossier is just a one time $147 business investment & is available for download immediately after ordering. In addition it comes with a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied that this is the most thorough & eye opening book on link building for SEO that you’ve ever read…


Simply click on the “Add To Cart” button to order now through our secure payment processor. After successful payment has been made you’ll be immediately redirected to a private download page where you’ll be able to download “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” as a PDF document.

If you have any questions before you order, please feel free to contact us, otherwise you’ll also receive our priority customer only contact details once you’ve ordered where you can ask any questions you like.

Here’s to your link building success…

Duncan Carver

The Link Building “Go To Guy”.

P.S. Search engine optimization and link building is only as hard as you want to make it. Sometimes you just need to cut out all of the confusing crap, stay focused on what is known to work, and get stuck in and take action. That’s what “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” is going to help you to do.

You can get lost in discussion forums for years asking SEO questions, getting conflicting advice from people not qualified to be offering it in the first place, and end up pulling your hair out in the process. Or you can order “The Ultimate Link Building Dossier” today and learn everything I’ve learned over the past 10 years as a professional link builder. Worst case you’re fully protected by the guarantee.


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